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If you have been using your iPad on a desk with the official iPad Keyboard Dock accessory, you might have felt the need of having a mouse to control iPad’s screen. This is because it is more convenient to use a pointing device for interacting with a device when it is placed in a standing position on a desk, just like how we do with our desktop monitors, notebooks/netbooks and so on.

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Apple in the recent past introduced an amazing and rather sensational product called Magic Mouse which introduced iPhone style multitouch gestures for Macs. Later on, some folks managed to hack the Boot Camp drivers of Magic Mouse to make it unofficially run on PCs running any version of Windows from XP to 7.

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Apple Magic Mouse Works on Windows 7

By | November 23rd, 2009

Apple’s latest mice sensation – the multi-touch capable Magic Mouse introduced iPhone-style touch capabilities in the world of mice for users running OS X. This amazing product of engineering which is a multi-touch descendant of the iPhone soon became the heartthrob of Mac users. Since Magic Mouse is officially supported to work on Macs only, PC users running Windows were left out in the dark since there is currently no multi-touch capable mouse available for PC market.

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