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For those of you who couldn’t get Android 2.2.1 to work on iPhone 3G or 2G using the steps we posted earlier, we now have a complete step by step video guide on how to install Android 2.2.1 with iOS in dual-boot configuration on iPhone 3G & 2G using Bootlace in Cydia. Installing Android using this method with Bootlace wont replace your existing iOS installation. You can keep running both OS’ side by side.

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We have a small update for you on OpeniBoot for iOS devices. Incase you were wondering about support for the 4th-gen iPod touches, Hexxeh has just confirmed that they he and his team has tested the required binaries on a iPod touch 4G and needless to say, it worked just like it did on other A4 devices like the iPhone 4 and iPad.

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