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If there’s one thing we love about Android, it’s that ability to customize just about everything that those using the platform are always telling is the reason it is so popular. There’s something to be said for Apple’s walled garden and the amount of control it likes to have over everything, but sometimes it’s just nice to be able to fiddle around with your smartphone, isn’t it?

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Folks are always looking for easy ways to make money, and with advertisements as prominent as they’ve ever been in this Digital Age, it’s perhaps more surprising we don’t see many more apps like Locket, a new Android gem allowing users to earn a cent by unlocking their ad-befuddled lock screens. With a maximum of $0.03 cents to be earned per hour, the maximum one could amass during the course of a year – working 24 hours day – is little over $250, and considering the amount of effort involved, Locket won’t be making anybody rich anytime soon; except its developers.

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