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Android Jelly Bean (4.1) seems to have gone down a treat among those using it, and it certainly seems as though Project Butter – a movement to make Android a lot sleeker and lag-free – has done the trick. With any new operating system, the temptation for many is to simply mod and tweak in order to decipher just what it’s capable of, and for those having done a little – maybe too much – modding on their Nexus device, you’ll be pleased to know you can grab a fresh, stock copy of your mobile OS.

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We’ve already discussed everything you need to know about Jelly Bean in one of our previous post, but if you’re not in the mood to read the lengthy post itself, you should know that Android 4.1 brings vastly smoother user interface, more powerful notifications, better keyboard with next word prediction and offline typing, and lastly, the amazing Google Now.

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Android Jelly Bean is, for those having been in hiding and therefore unaware, the latest version of Google’s market-leading mobile operating system, and unlike with Ice Cream Sandwich, which took what seemed like an age to trickle through to the various mid to high-end devices on the market, the web company seems a great deal more organized with regards to its distribution.

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