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While we all sit in anticipation, calendar watching until the reported Apple media event in early March to finally see what technical goodness the new iPad 3 will hold, we have to make do with the rumor mill offerings which as we all know could prove to be totally accurate or could be as far removed from reality as is humanely possible. When it comes to speculation and conjecture, the iPad 3 has been no different to any other Apple hardware launch, with the world wide web buzzing on a daily basis with new reports on what we can expect next month.

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There’s speculation that Apple is planning to introduce an iPad with a quad-core processor in order to remain at a competitive advantage with its competitors, which are looking to adopt quad-core technologies themselves.

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A new report from Digitimes claims that the next-generation iPhone 5 will feature a 4-inch display to take on Android-powered phones head-to-head as the battle for the supremacy in the next-gen smartphones heats up. They have received this piece of info directly from the component suppliers.

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