Stream Audio From Your Windows PC’s Speakers Or Mic To Android Smartphone With rSpeakers

Third-party apps really extend your smartphone’s functionality in ways you couldn’t even really imagine before. Sure, there are games and browsers and dictionaries and whatnot, but I’m talking about apps that do something unexpected and turn out to be quite useful; today, we came across a new app that meets that description. Check it out after the jump.

Developed by BoxxyMays, rSpeakers is an app that streams whatever is coming out from your PC’s speakers (or going into your microphone) directly to your Android smartphone. It works by working with the stereo mix device in your PC and sending that to your phone.


Setting up rSpeakers isn’t exactly a one-click affair. You first install the app on your Android smartphone (link embedded at the end), enable Stereo Mix from deep within Control Panel on your Windows PC and finally launch the rSpeakers Server app. The entire setup tutorial is available at

The question is: what’s the point of streaming audio from your PC to your phone? Is it for listening to music? Voice chatting with someone over Skype? You know, things you can already do on your phone?


Well, the answer is that there are plenty of ingenious uses of rSpeakers. For parents, it can be used as a baby monitor after selecting your PC’s mic as the streaming device. If you’re a noisy teenager who likes to watch loud action movies at night but the only computer is in your parent’s room and the earphones don’t have a long-enough cord, you can use rSpeakers in conjunction with VLC’s negative audio lag feature to send audio from your PC to your phone and use the earphones from there. The developer has another use for it: monitoring adults so you can hear what they are talking about without you present in the room.

rSpeakers is available as a free app, but if you really like it you should get the Upgraded Version which removes ads and increases sample rate for higher-quality audio.

Download rSpeakers for Android [Google Play link]

By the way, the iOS equivalent of rSpeakers is Airfoil Speakers Touch.

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