Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview Available Now On iTunes

Steve Jobs was not only Apple’s co-founder, but the driving force behind most of the company’s successful times, and although he was known throughout his career as being quite a ruthless CEO, his character and mannerisms always made him a hit with Apple enthusiasts at the keynote speeches.

He never changed the way he did things, always believing in everything he helped to create – even though he couldn’t replicate the Midas touch with every new product. Bespectacled, in that trademark attire of a polo neck, jeans and trainers, he looked like any regular guy, but the ordinary-appearing Jobs will be a difficult void to fill not only in his company, but in the technology world in general.


Since his untimely succumbing to pancreatic cancer back in October, there have been a whole host of tributes. From the bronze statue in the forecourt of a Budapest-based company he threw capital behind many moons ago, to the iconic depiction of his silhouette on the Apple logo created by a Hong Kong student, the great innovator and orator inspired many people from all over the world.

As well as the many tokens of appreciation, there have also been plenty of interviews – old and recent – featuring and relating to Jobs. One that sticks out in particular is the one with him and Bill Gates – two large figures fighting for supremacy in very similar ventures for much of their careers. Despite their clear rivalry, there was also an air of respect, and no matter if you’re Microsoft or Apple orientated, it was great to see.

To add to the many, many interviews already available featuring Steve Jobs, Apple has released "The Lost Interview" which, at present, only seems available to consumers available in the United States. It’s essentially the unabridged version of the Robert Cringley lost interview, snippets of which were first made available at the beginning of this year, and is available to rent for $3.99.


The hour-long footage was originally filmed for a series known as Triumph of the Nerds, and was taken back in 1995. It talks about numerous different events, including the Blue Box Jobs and fellow founder Steve Wozniak built during the fledgling era of their careers, the future of the PC, as well as plans for NeXT, which Jobs was heading at the time.

Of course, we know the answer to most of these questions now, which, in my opinion, makes the interview just that bit more entertaining.

Download Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview [iTunes link]

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