How To Spoof Call Logs, SMS, GPS Location On iPhone

The FakeMyi package is one of the most comprehensive jailbreak tweaks we’ve seen, and allows users to fake, change and add new information to specific aspects of the device. We’ve seen tweaks in the past that allow call logs to be altered or certain information to be changed at the user’s will, but FakeMyi takes things a little further by integrating itself into the Messages, Phone and GPS functionality of the installed device.

If you can get past the rather comedic Cydia description of the tweak and bring yourself to use it for more than tricking your friends into thinking that their girlfriend has confessed an undying love for you behind their back, then it could actually prove quite useful. The main underlying functionality of the in-depth package allows those using it to modify conversation streams within the Messages app; delete, amend and add additional call logs into the Phone app, as well as spoof the current GPS position of the device.


It is worth noting that packages of this nature are always developed with the greatest intentions, and users should purchase and use the features responsibly. Now that the grown-up disclaimer is out of the way, we can actually talk about what $2.99 from Cydia gets you in this instance. When FakeMyi is downloaded and installed, it is a simple case of launching the app from the new home screen icon and choosing the data that you wish to amend or add. The app will show the current phone logs, current SMS conversation lists and also the current GPS position of the device.


Everything seems to work fine, although there is a known issue with call lists not updating in the actual phone app after being amended through FakeMyi. There is a current workaround of making and hanging up a phone call to force a refresh of the live list. Faking the GPS location of the device should also theoretically allow checking in through the likes of Facebook and Foursquare to show the fictional location.

FakeMyi is available as a $2.99 download from the ModMyi repository and is full compatible with jailbroken devices running iOS 4.X, 5.X and 6.X.

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