Sony Xperia Z3 Suffers From Bendgate Too, Just Like The iPhone 6 Plus [Photos]

The Xperia Z3 smartphone from Sony has a Bendgate issue of its own and it’s exactly like the one found on the iPhone 6 Plus. More on the Z3 and its design flaw right after the jump!

A Google+ user had earlier noticed that the Xperia Z3 was susceptible to bending when stressed in your tight jeans’ pocket. According to the user, the phone had bent in his friend’s pocket and given the mystery behind it, it was concluded that Sony’s smartphone suffers from the same issue which iPhone 6 Plus users have been facing, and can be directly linked to how the phone is designed.

Xperia bendgate

The user says:

“This is what happens when you put an Xperia Z3 in your pocket. I previously owned a Z1 and that blew up on me. This is my friends Z3, another friend has a Z3 compact and the back cracked from normal usage. Conclusion: Xperia Z Phones are subpar and not worth the money, too many failures to ignore.”

The Z3, akin to its predecessors, uses glass for its exterior construction, with the display and back both being covered. For those with a Z3 right now, this should be an alarming concern given that while metal can handle some stress and bend without totally destroying a phone, the glass on the back of the Z3 could crack given even the slightest bend. That however, is something that is purely circumstantial as well.



This bid to manufacture devices with the slimmest profile looks to be giving way to devices that we won’t refer to as flimsy just yet, but with the larger display on an ultra-thin shell, the chances of a phone being bent or stressed in tight clothing to a bending point – if not a breaking point, vastly increases.




These issues seem to be running in devices that are currently being constructed using metal alloys instead of plastic, with metal being more vulnerable to bending, obviously. According to the unfortunate user of the Z3 that bent in his friend’s pocket, previous experiences with Sony phones have been bad enough for him to ditch the Sony brand once and for all.

If you’re an Xperia Z3 user, do share your opinions on the matter with us.

(Source: Dave Spedzia [Google+])

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