Select PS1, PS2 Games Headed To PlayStation 4 In Full HD 1080p

The battle of the new-gen consoles has well and truly begun, and both Microsoft and Sony are braced for yet another slog with the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 respectively. From what we’ve seen so far, it’s the Japanese company that has established an early lead in terms of sales, and in even better news for PlayStation 4 fans, one industry insider has suggested that PS1 and PS2 games could be headed to the brand-new entertainment system. Not only that, but select titles will be upscaled to 1080p, which is a very exciting prospect indeed. More details below!

In the run-up to the PlayStation 4’s launch, the discussion of backward-compatibility with older titles was a frequently in the headlines, but since its arrival last November, we’ve heard precious little. Now, though, knowledgeable industry sleuth Ahsan Rasheed, who has a good track record when it comes to upcoming movements in gaming circles, has been busily tweeting the news of Sony’s apparent local support for PS1 and PS2 titles on the PlayStation 4. He’s also mentioned the fact that certain select games – the modern classics, we’re assuming – will be treated to 1080p rendering, meaning we can relive the more iconic titles in full HD.

PS4 controller

Even though the blogosphere has been rather quiet with regards to backward-compatibility, there were a few lingering reports earlier on this year that suggested native emulation of older games, and if Rasheed’s utterances are to be taken seriously, it mightn’t be long before such a feature is ready for prime time.

With E3 kicking off in June, we’re already expecting a deluge of info on upcoming products and releases, and given that both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are still in relative infancy, it will be the first big chance for both Sony and Microsoft to outline their plans.

Whether the expo will shed some more light on PS1 or PS2 game support remains to be seen, but given how Rasheed has this information right now, one would presume that the feature will at least be mentioned at E3, if not rolled out in a subsequent update.

By the sounds of things, Microsoft also has plenty to unveil in June, but the prospect of antiquated games coming through for another round – in 1080p, no less – has certainly piqued our interest.

It is also quite possible that 1080p titles could arrive on PS4 using Sony’s PlayStation Now service. But who knows, right?


(Source: Ahsan Rasheed [Twitter])

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