Schematics For iPad Mini And iPad 4 Now Available Online

If you aren’t happy with just getting your hands on the perhaps unexpected fourth-generation iPad as well as the new 7.9-inch iPad mini then Apple have followed their own recent trend by releasing the technical schematic drawings of each of their new tablet releases. It was largely expected that Apple would be unveiling a new miniature iPad during their Californian press event, but it may of come as a rather large surprise to most that a new fourth-generation iPad was also on the agenda, coming just seven months after the release of the iPad 3.

As part of an earlier event in September, Apple announced the new iPhone 5, the seventh-generation iPod nano and the colorful fifth-generation iPod touch, all of which came with a rather swift release of the technical blueprints that are primarily designed for accessory manufacturers. Both of the new iPads will be available for public consumption starting on November 2nd and hopefully we will see a range of unique and exciting accessories hitting the market shortly after that have been perfectly manufactured thanks to the availability of the technical drawings.


As well as being incredibly useful for official accessory manufacturers, the schematics are actually extremely interesting for the general consumer to look at. We are so used to heading over to an Apple store and picking up a finished device that we sometimes don’t really appreciate the work that goes into designing and producing an iPhone or iPad before it actually hits the availability stage.



The schematics actually shows all of the relevant dimensions and the important apertures that accessory creators need to take into account when producing their wares. In order to ensure that their iOS devices are working to their full potential when used alongside a case or a dock, Apple provides information regarding recommended connector and button keep-out areas that are offered in the hope that things like the Lightning port and volume buttons are obstructed by cases.

It’s very interesting to see the minor size differences between the Wi-Fi and cellular versions of the products. Although the schematics are extremely informative there’s nothing quite like getting our hands on the physical product or even seeing teardown images of it to get an intricate understanding of what is going on.

(Source: Apple | Via 9To5Mac)

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