SandroProxy Improves The Web Browsing Privacy On Your Android Device

Browsing is a major concern to mobile device users, and browsing is arguably the hottest topic when it comes to consumer data protection. Mobile browsers, whilst not yet as feature-rich and reliable as their desktop counterparts, are getting better and better as time goes on, and if you’re an Android user looking to tighten browser security, you should certainly pay attention to SandroProxy, an app which goes far in helping you achieve that goal.

It’s created by XDA-Developers member SandroBSupp, and is absolutely free to use since it is based on the WebScarab Project. The app itself is none too difficult to use, and when you first open it up on your Android device, you’re met with three tabs consisting of Log, Data, and Apps. As well as the tabs, there are buttons including a play icon, which starts the proxy service, a wrench representing settings, and in information icon, which lets you check out your network info.


If you’re not running a rooted device, the play button will initiate a serve as an SSL MITM proxy (Secure Socket Layer Man-In-the-Middle proxy). In short, it will redirect your HTTP/HTTPS requests via a web server, obscuring sent and received data and thus protecting privacy. If you’re rooted, however, the options widen somewhat, and such users can access a transparent proxy. As well as redirecting traffic, the transparent proxy only modifies parts of traffic needed for proxy identification, meaning it’s a great deal smarter than the aforementioned MITM proxy.

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Although, as I noted earlier, the app is fairly easy to get to grips with, a little prior knowledge of networking is useful in tailoring this app to your exact requirements. Still, even if you’re not to familiar, there are plenty of basic functions you will understand, and having knowledge with regards to how your data is used, and moreover how to protect it, is certainly useful when using any web-enabled device.

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Although free, it does come with ads, but generally speaking, SandroProxy is a useful app, and leaves nothing to chance in protecting your browsing data.

Download SandroProxy for Android [Google Play link]

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