Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Has A New Display Related Problem

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has been the subject of quite a few quality related controversies since the device was launched over a month back. This new flaw sees the Edge’s phenomenal 2K display being reduced to what can be best described as an 8-bit panel.

Before it begins sounding like all S6 Edge models are now doomed, it’s important to note that so far this issue seems to be an isolated one and has been reported only by SamMobile. The publishing explains that since the last two weeks, their S6 Edge has been exhibiting a weird graphical glitch where the entire screen would seem to be washed out like a watercolor painting bordering close to an 8-bit color depth. Apparently, this has happened only twice in those two weeks and the only way to get rid of the issue was to completely reboot the phone.

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The site goes on to explain that when this happened, the phone itself continued to operate normally without troubling him. They suggested earlier that the issue could be a hardware one given the radical design changes Samsung has opted for in the S6 Edge, making it more prone to hardware issues. SamMobile however believes that this washed out display could be some sort of software glitch and not necessarily a hardware one since they have never really dropped their device or treated it carelessly.

Unable to trace the problem or understand what action triggers it, there’s no photo available of the effected display either, and while we would have been skeptic about this claim, SamMobile’s repute and track record has us believing the story. The team has reached out to Samsung regarding this issue, but so far no response has come through.


While users of the S6 Edge have suggested this is that auto-brightness feature kicking in and is not a bug, it has been mentioned that this is not the case here as the phone has exhibited this problem in indoor conditions as well. The more important question here is that if anyone else out there with an S6 Edge has had a similar experience or not?

(Source: SamMobile)

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