Samsung Galaxy S III Benchmarks Are In, This Thing Is A Screamin’ Demon!

As soon as a new device hits the scene – particularly one which boasts high specs from every direction – it’s always interesting to see, in terms of performance, whether said device lives up to its billing.

In order to ascertain this, a series of tests (known as benchmarks) are carried out in different categories, with the subsequent numbers and scores compared to that of competitors. The results are in for the brand-new Samsung Galaxy S III, and although it’s been a bit of a divider among the top tech opinions, one thing is for sure; in terms of performance, this baby is an absolute powerhouse!

GALAXY S III Product Image (2)_B

As AnandTech reports, a widely focused technology blog, has tested Samsung’s latest Android device to the limits in several key areas, and powered by that Exynos 4 Quad-core processor, it’s barely outperformed by any other device on the market in the crucial areas such as browser and video performance.

In terms of the browser and CPU performance, AnandTech reckons the S III’s performance to be “very good.” The benchmarking began with JavaScript performance tests, which measure the performance of both hardware and software, and as you can see from the charts, SunSpider performance is second only to the Lava XOLO:





1800ms was once considered to be the very height of superior performance, but thanks to the S III along with the HTC One X and the XOLO, the stakes have been significantly raised once more. The step up, at least in terms of the Samsung Galaxy S III, is likely to be attributable to the software as opposed to the hardware, but collectively – as you can see from the above results – render it a close second to Intel’s Medfield residing in the XOLO X900.

BrowserMark scores also demonstrated just how much work Samsung has been doing in order to perfect the browsing experience, and boy, does it do the business. It’s a country mile faster than close competitors, although again, it’s worth noting that Samsung’s browser code plays a role, and the fact that it’s running the latest Android 4.0.4 certainly doesn’t hurt its score against rivals running older software.

Interestingly, the onscreen GLBenchmark Egypt and Pro results show its GPU as delivering superior performance to that of the iPhone 4S, which previously reigned supreme in this category, although it’s worth pointing out that both benchmarks categories are v-sync limited on the higher-end devices.

As these tests were all carried out during an extended yet brief encounter with the Samsung Galaxy S III, there’s still much to learn, but the early signs certainly look good from a technical point of view, and those with an affinity with high-spec hardware will certainly be eager to see the device scrutinized further.

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