Samsung Fails Yet Again In An Attempt To Overrule Sales Ban On Galaxy Tab 10.1 In United States

Although it has been recently reported that current Apple CEO Tim Cook has been meeting with Samsung executives to discuss the ongoing patent battles which are becoming laborious to both sides, it seems that it hasn’t stopped the disputes from hitting the courts once again. In a United States appeals court, Samsung again had to experience defeat as a judge has seen no reason to overturn a sales ban relating to their Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet.

It was only last month when Apple was granted a ban against Samsung, preventing the Korean electronics giants from selling the Galaxy 10.1 tab in the United States until the ongoing patent issues were fully resolved through the courts. As we have come to expect, Samsung decided not to take this decision lightly and have presented their appeal in the federal circuit in America only to be shown the door and told that the original decision will stand.

The patent issues between the two companies are long running and have been cropping up in the news for the better part of twelve months now, and you could be forgiven for actually losing track of what the complaint is. Apple have repeatedly accused Samsung of attempting to mimic the design and look and feel of the iPad with their Galaxy 10.1 tablet as well as making use of certain software-based technologies which Apple claim to hold a patent for. Although Samsung have strongly refuted the claim and actually made an attempt to flip the tables and sue Apple, it seems as though that the American courts feel the iPhone and iPad makers have a strong case.

As things stand, we don’t really know how this one will play out, with history showing us that anything can happen when it comes to purported infringements of this nature. We do know that the trial in this instance is set to begin at the end of this month with both Apple and Samsung presenting their cases in an attempt to clear the matter up once and for all. Until we see the conclusion of this litigation, the United States ban on the sale of the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet will stand.

On a more personal side of things, I believe this won’t end soon. Even if it does, it won’t happen soon.

(via FOSSPatents)

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