Rumor: iPhone 7 Might Come With Apple Watch-Like OLED Display

While OLED screens have been commonplace in the Android world for some time now, the only device Apple ships with such a screen is the Apple Watch. Often applauded for its inky blacks, the Apple Watch screen may have given Apple a hankering for more OLED screens, with the latest iPhone 7 rumor having Samsung possibly getting ready to make OLED screens for the next iPhone.

The report says Samsung is currently submitting sample OLED displays to Apple in order to try and win the business for making OLED screens for the Apple Watch as well as an unreleased iPhone. With the iPhone 7 almost a year away from availability, Apple still has some time before it needs to get its suppliers in a row, ready for the inevitable production ramp-up. With that in mind, Apple is believed to have November penciled in as the cut off for a decision.


The use of OLED screens in an iPhone would allow for better blacks and contrast as well as a lower power consumption. With OLED not needing to light pixels up when they are black, screens of the OLED variety use less power, especially when displaying dark screens. Apple does like to improve battery life, so a move to OLED would make plenty of sense in that regard, too.

If Apple does move to OLED screens for its iPhones, then it will be one of the last to do so, with Android smartphone makers having adopted OLED in their droves over the last few years. Apple’s apparent happiness with the OLED screen available in the Apple Watch should give us a glimpse into the iPhone’s future, but whether that future is in the next year or further away, only time will tell us.

Apple watch red main (1)

It’ll be interesting to see what changes Apple makes to its mobile platform to make full use of said technology, if and when it is implemented.

(Via: DigiTimes)

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