Ringly Smart Ring For iPhone Brings Calls, Texts, Email Notifications To Your Finger [VIDEO]

Although, as a male, I don’t frequently encounter the issue of missing an important call because my phone is lost inside my handbag or purse, I do know that this is an issue affecting a large portion of the female population. To combat this, start-up Ringly has developed a nifty smart ring that offers customizable Bluetooth notifications, flashing different color LED lights and vibration patterns dependent on the nature of the alert. Not only is it highly functional, but it’s a very stylish, inconspicuous gadget, and with a flexible, color-coded notification system, it looks a very well thought-out product.

Ringly connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth LE, and thanks to its companion app, can be tweaked effortlessly to suit your needs. So, for example, you could have a red light flicker when you have a missed call or message (important), a blue light for those perhaps not-so-important emails, and, say, an orange light for those general retweets and other miscellaneous stuff.

Ringly Smart Ring

You get to pick and choose precisely which colors you wish to represent certain notifications, and you also have jurisdiction over vibration patterns for a truly custom experience. It can be configured to alert you if you leave your device behind somewhere, which is incredibly handy given how iPhones have become tractor beams for thieves, and with three days of battery life, offers both style and longevity.

Speaking of style, Ringly is very easy on the eye, and not only does it look the part, but it’s actually comprised of some decent materials. The 18 karat gold structure is nicely accentuated by a choice of rainbow moonstone, black onyx, emerald and pink sapphire stones.

Again, as a guy, I probably wouldn’t invest on a personal level, but this start-up does what all good start-ups do and solves a common problem; and does so with aplomb and finesse.

By pre-ordering now, you can save yourself 25% off the eventual retail price, and although the saving still means you’ll need to cough up a cool $145 for the ring, you’re getting a practical, time-saving gadget that also doubles up as a rather neat fashion accessory.


Ringly will start shipping this fall. Be sure to check the promo video below, and also, point your browser to ringly.com for more info.

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