RingDimmer For Android: Intelligently Adjust Ringtone Volume And Vibration Intensity Based On Ambient Noise, Light And Time of Day

My default ringtone/vibration intensity is set so I can just barely detect them. I‘ve set them like this because, this way, I easily get notified of incoming calls/texts/emails without drawing attention to myself in quiet environments like the classroom or the library.

Change the environment to a noisy one, and you start getting missed calls. Despite being called smartphones, these devices aren’t able to adjust ringer/vibration intensity based on the environment.

Unless of course, you own an Android smartphone. We came across a great app today that solves this problem. Check it out after the jump!

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Developed by Michael Pardo, RingDimmer is a paid app [Google Play] which listens to ambient noise and other environment inputs and, based on that, calculates the best volume for ringtones/notifications and best vibration intensity. It’s a very straightforward concept, the sort that makes you think, “Why didn’t I come up with something as obvious as this?”

On launching the app for the first time, you are presented with a simple menu from where you can play around with settings like minimum volume, volume boost (for when even your device’s maximum setting isn’t enough) and enable/disable functionality like Smart Vibrate (which aims to vibrate with perfect intensity based on ambient noise, light and time of day).

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The app makes use of sensors such as proximity, ambient light and your microphone to determine the perfect volume/vibration-intensity level. Because of this, it is able to differentiate a loud environment from a quite one and your pocket from an open environment.

We haven’t had the chance to test the app on our Samsung Galaxy S II (Android 4.0.3 ICS) because it is a paid-only app, but from reports around the internet, it works as advertised.

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Because of its extraordinary utility in daily life, we highly recommend you give RingDimmer a try. Just don’t forget to inform us about your impressions of the app by leaving a comment over on our Facebook and Google+ page!

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