Revolv Shows What Home Automation Powered By Google Glass Could Look Like [VIDEO]

Home automation has long been one of the things people point to when trying to explain what they think the future will look like. We’d have to put Google Glass in the same bracket – Glass is something that at the moment seems ahead of its time, but we can totally see it being the norm in another ten or twenty years, even if it doesn’t take off all that quickly in the next two or three.

The folks over at Revolv obviously feel that Google Glass is actually something that could help push home automation along nicely, with the two being thrown together in what appears to us as a marriage made in heaven. Being able to control your home using your futuristic eyewear? Where do we sign up?!


Revolv is a company that makes a home automation hub that ties into all your existing technology, allowing users to turn on the heating, unlock the garage door and turn on the lights all from a smartphone. It in itself is a futuristic technology that’s here today, very much like Google Glass. Really then, it was only a matter of time before one of their engineers set about coupling the two together.

And that’s exactly what’s happened. The Revolv team has a Google Glass unit that they’ve been playing around with, and the result is a system that makes use of Google’s own APIs in order to allow Google Glass to control home automation to the Nth degree. Want to turn lights on amongst other things all from Google Glass? So do they, and the video pushed out by the company shows just that happening. Glass also supports voice inputs, so all of the Revolv magic is just a sentence away, too.

The Revolv system in itself is something that we’re mesmerized by, so anything that marries such technology with Google Glass was always going to get our attention, and we’re sure it will grab yours, too.

(source: Revolv | via: Engadget)

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