Quick Take: Microsoft Explorer Mini Mouse with BlueTrack™

I recently got my hands on Microsoft Explorer Mini Mouse with BlueTrack™ technology. Here’s my quick rundown on the experience so far:

Specs & Features

• BlueTrack™ Technology

• Fully featured five-button mouse

• Stylish design with blue light and chrome detailing

• Comfortable design

• 2.4GHz reliable wireless connection

• Snap-in transceiver

• Specifically designed for Notebook PCs

• Battery Life: 4+ months

• IntelliPoint software to customize the extra buttons

• Features for Windows Vista & Windows 7



Includes a free carry pouch to keep it free off dust and scratches when you are travelling.

Stylish Packaging & Ergonomic Design

From the design perspective, the mouse is packed in a stylish clamshell package. Gone are the days when you had to use a knife to put the packet apart. Instead, you now only have to pull a strip downwards on the sides of the package to open it up. Neat, clean and simple!


Includes a carrying pouch, IntelliPoint software CD, user manual and batteries. 



The unit itself looks slick with top-notch build quality and it feels and fits perfectly into hands.



Any Surface, Anywhere

The most amazing and important feature of this mouse is its ability to work on virtually any surface! This is achieved through the revolutionary BlueTrack technology which makes use of blue laser to enable the mouse to work with granite countertops, carpet, even on a wood table or a rough, unfinished park bench etc.

Feel the “Blue”

The revolutionary BlueTrack technology is obviously the feature which sets this mouse apart from other mice. The precision of blue laser is very smooth & accurate and it tracks very nicely on virtually any surface.



The bright blue light from underneath the mouse lights up periodically whenever you start using the mouse after a pause and it looks awesome!


Works with Windows 7

Explorer Mini Mouse in Windows 7 Device Stage

You would expect any latest hardware from Microsoft to “fully” work with Windows 7 and so this one is no exceptional. Windows 7 recognizes the mouse in Device Stage and automatically downloads the required IntelliPoint software for Explorer Mini Mouse.


Microsoft Explorer Mini Mouse - Works with Windows Vista and Mac OS X

The packaging of the mouse mentions it as compatible with Windows Vista and Mac OS X.

Final Word

At $59.99 Microsoft MSRP price, this is one mouse that I will definitely recommend to any person on the go. Its stylish, light and importantly it works on almost any surface anywhere. Highly Recommended!

You can check out more high resolution pictures at my Flickr page here.