POLL: What Will Apple Call The 6th-Generation iPhone?

In about 17 hours from the time I type this, Apple will open the doors at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, California where they will be announcing the next iPhone. We have seen plenty of rumors and reports and leaks over the past few weeks and months which give a definite shape to the illusive device’s hardware, but there’s one thing in the air that is still heavily discussed and, so far, inconclusive: the next iPhone’s name.

The upcoming iPhone will be the sixth-generation of the series, so calling it iPhone 5 would make no sense technically; calling it the iPhone 6 would make no sense to customers (what happened to the iPhone 5? “lol apple iz so stupid #yolo”).

No other iPhone to date had any strong discussions regarding its name until Apple’s iPad event earlier this year when they referred to the new iPad as, well, the new iPad.

It got bloggers and mobile technology enthusiasts thinking: if the latest iPad is just called the new iPad, would Apple call the next iPhone the new iPhone?

It would be in line with just about every other Apple product currently in production; Other than the iPhone and iPad, the last Apple product that had a number in it was the Power Macintosh G3. New models of the iPod touch, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and iMac etc. are very rarely referred by their generation; instead they are just called refreshed products.

I had a belief in this naming scheme until Apple sent out invites to bloggers for the event tomorrow. It has a very obvious 5 shadow in it that strongly suggests that the next iPhone will not be iPhone 4SS, new iPhone, or iPhone 6 – it will be the iPhone 5 despite being the sixth generation iPhone.


This might not really stick with enthusiasts, but let’s face it: iPhone 5 makes the most sense out of it all for the average consumer. After the 3G, 3GS, 4, and 4S, 5 is the next logical step for naming the phone.

Of course, Apple could just be messing with us but it’s a very strong possibility that 5 is the number that will be placed next to iPhone when the new smartphone gets announced tomorrow.

So, what do you think the new iPhone will be called?

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