“Patient Zero” For Android Simulates A Virtual Virus Pandemic Where Real Players Are Hosts And Infect Others

Horror/zombie games gained great popularity after the release of games like Left 4 Dead and Resident Evil 5. To cash in on the hype surrounding zombies, developers of games like Call of Duty, Red Dead Redemption included extra modes in their games which included fighting against hordes upon hordes of zombies.

In 2012, pure zombie-shooting games aren’t as popular anymore but we’ve seen all new games like Zombies, Run! and, today, Patient Zero which attempt at simulating zombies and their rapidly spreading infections in the real world.

Patient Zero, which we’ll be talking about in this post, is one of the most interesting apps we’ve come across recently. It’s a virus pandemic simulator and you check out its details after the jump!


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From Google Play:

Patient Zero is a virtual pandemic simulator where you get to infect real players. Infections get transferred by players coming within proximity of each other in the real world. Players infected with your virus will carry it and infect more players. See how quickly your unique virus spreads!

We’ve tested the app on a Samsung Galaxy S II on Android 4.0.3 ICS and can confirm that it works as advertised.

Upon launching the app, you are asked to enter a username, choose a virus type (based on infection radius and lifespan) and then create your own virus based on the virus type chosen before. Finally, you are taken to a live-map which shows which people are near you that you can infect or get infected by. The basic concept is to see just how far your custom virus can spread.

2012-03-18 12.25.44

The nearest player to yours truly is currently 2200+ miles away so I couldn’t infect anybody, sadly. Still, if more and more people install this app, infect each other at massive gatherings then it could be really fun. By covering this cool little app today, that’s exactly what we’re aiming for.

So, if you’ve got an Android phone/tablet, you should most definitely install Patient Zero and get it off the ground. Patient Zero is a free app and it can be downloaded from the link embedded below.

Download Patient Zero [Play Link]

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