PadSync For Mac Is The Perfect iTunes Alternative For Your iPad, Makes Copying Files A Breeze – Download Now

Ecamm’s PadSync aims to make transferring files to and from an iPad as easy as it should have been all along.

Getting files onto, and off of, the iPad is still more difficult than it really should be. Apple’s method of handling the whole thing via iTunes just isn’t as clean as we would like, and having to sync an entire iPad just to get a Word document onto the device is just plain crazy in anyone’s book.

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There are already third-party apps out there that are designed to handle transferring files to and from an iPad, but many of those also lack the spit and polish that we all like to see from our software, especially when an iPad is involved.

A new app, by popular app maker Ecamm, is aiming to put all this right by bringing an easy to use app to the market that is not just nice to look at, but also makes syncing files across to an iPad as easy as possible. Called PadSync, the app is available to buy now.

With a free trial (for 30 days) as well as the full, shipping product at $30, Ecamm is not fighting with the free alternatives that are out there, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. The whole app has a look and feel of quality, and with Ecamm you know it is going to be supported long after you have stumped up the $30 for the fully licensed version.



Moving files around is simply a case of dragging and dropping. Those used to iTunes will feel comfortable with the design because, at least skin deep, resembles iTunes and the way Apple’s app handles file syncing, too. The big difference here though is that PadSync does not need to do a full sync in order to move files around. The app looks on your iPad and knows which apps you have installed. Clicking on an app will show you the documents that it has saved as well as allowing you to either copy them to your computer, or copy new files across to your iPad. The whole thing works without ever needing to even open iTunes, and no full sync needs to be run, either.


If you need to keep files in sync across your Mac and your iPad – there is no PC version available, unfortunately – then PadSync is an app that you would do well to check out.

Download PadSync for Mac

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