Our Pad App Allows For Multiple User Accounts On Facebook, Gmail, Twitter On iPad

Got multiple family members but only one iPad? Congratulations, you are facing what is called a first world problem and the good thing is, there is a solution for it. 2011102216153383

We came across the solution for this today: it’s called Our Pad and it lets you switch between multiple profiles (one for, say, each family member) integrated with online services such as Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and Facebook so folks don’t have to log-out and log-in every time the iPad is passed around.

Developed by Ghori Networks, Our Pad for iPad lets you switch between and browse accounts so that you don’t have to re-enter your ID and password for services like Facebook, Gmail every time you get your iPad back after it has been used by, say, your wife and kids.

Each profile in Our Pad can be protected with the help of an Android-like pattern-based unlock. This is to ensure that you don’t have to worry about other people reading your email, messages and direct messages.

From App Store:

This app allows you and other family members, spouses and children to login to their favorite social networking sites and email services without having the need to type in a password each time. "Our Pad" manages your sign-in and sign-out and you never have to worry about prying eyes or leaving your private emails open accidentally. Access to your accounts is granted by providing a lock pattern using a series of connecting dots.


We’ve tested the app on an iPad and can confirm that the app works as claimed. The first thing we noticed was Our Pad not integrating with supported services at a system level like Windows Phone 7 does. Instead, you get to browse the supported services  – Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Facebook and Twitter – through their official websites in a internet browser environment. The developer cannot be blamed for this, since this restriction is because of the limited freedom that iOS gives to third-party apps.


Besides this, while all claimed features of Our Pad are there, the app was quite buggy and it did crash regularly during testing. We’re hoping these incessant crashes will be fixed in a future update.

If you’re interested, Our Pad can be downloaded for free from the link embedded below.

Download Our Pad for iPad [iTunes Link]

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