OSnap! For iPhone Is The Ultimate Photography App For Shooting, Editing And Sharing Time Lapses

The iPhone 4S takes photos that one would generally expect from a (low-end) dedicated point-and-shoot camera. In smartphone speak, that is class-leading image quality.

There are plenty of outstanding photography apps on the App Store to complement the awesome 4S optics. One such app is OSnap! Ultimate Time Lapse which, you may have guessed, is a photography app focused on shooting great time lapses. Check it out after the jump.


Launching OSnap! presents you with a list of on-going time lapse projects. Tapping the + icon at the bottom left lets you create a custom new project or choose from the four built-in types: rapid shots for shooting time lapses involving rapidly changing phenomenon, daily portraits to see how quickly you’re losing your hair, group photo for seeing others grow old and onion skin that puts successive images on top of the other. Although most people will be satisfied by these, you can create your own custom project so you have more control over how the photos are taken.

osnap 1

There are even more options in the photo capture part of the app. OSnap! has support for both cameras, custom image resolution and aspect ratio, tap to set exposure / focus, lock exposure / white balance. You can also choose from a variety of overlays that help you keep all photos aligned along with time intervals between each shots (ranging from 0.25 seconds to 48 hours). Furthermore, you can set custom reminders so you don’t forget to take a photo.

osnap 2

Editing and sharing your time lapses is also chock full of awesome options. You can include music from the Music app, add photos from the Photos app, mix together with images taken using built-in photo capture, adjust video looping, frame rate, watch time-lapse without saving as a video. Once you’re done with editing, you can save the video to your Photos app and share it to Facebook/Twitter/Email.

osnap 3

I personally intend to use the app to take self-portraits over a period of 90 days (my entire summer vacations, essentially) and see, from the resulting time-lapse, how I transform from a student who just had his final exams finished to a nocturnal blogger who has trouble coming to grips with the fact that he spent his entire summer vacation going through cat photos on Reddit and writing posts such as this one.

Anyhow, those of you interested in what is perhaps the best time-lapse photography app on iOS can get it for free (today only!) from the link embedded below.

Download OSnap! for iPhone [iTunes link]

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