Open Multiple Applications In Windows 7 With A Single Click Using 7APL App

Whenever we sit at our desktops at the start of a new day, we usually open a bunch of the same applications – what we would call our staple diet in terms of computing.


Whether it’s Microsoft Outlook or Facebook Chat, it can be a time-consuming exercise – especially if the computer’s specs aren’t all that 2012. Of course, we could have them open automatically on startup, but this is often quite intrusive – particularly if you’re just popping in to update your music in iTunes or send a quick e-mail.

Hitherto, there hasn’t been a great deal in terms of alternatives, but Windows 7 App Launcher (7APL) simplifies your app-launching needs by allowing you to open select applications or groups of applications with a single click. You can easily group applications together in terms of ‘work’, ‘social’ or whatever you like, and launch them with a click of the mouse. In addition, if you prefer to use your keyboard for shortcuts, you can set certain keystrokes to launch your desired app batches.

7APL isn’t the first of its kind by any stretch, but it’s certainly the best utility for the more organized amongst us. If you feel like procrastinating socializing, you could set GTalk, Facebook Desktop and mIRC to launch simultaneously, but if you were driven to get on with the task at hand, you could launch Word and Chrome with one click – and maybe even open a book or two.


As another added plus, it’s portable, so it’s not installed but extracted. Although the setup process is quite involved, once you’re up and running, you needn’t open individual applications again. The guys over at How To Geek have compiled a pretty good step-by-step tutorial covering every detail to get you up and running, which is accessible via this link.

With Windows 8 expected in the not-so-distant future, implementations such as this would certainly go down nicely behind the celebrated Metro UI.

7APL is created by developer Se7enIIIX, and you can download it via his deviantART page here.

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