One Third Of Americans Use Smartphone Apps Before They Even Get Out of Bed In Morning

These days we’re lucky enough to live in an always-connected world, with devices all around us that have an always-on connection to the internet. And boy do we get our use out of them, according to a new report from Ericsson ConsumerLab which claims fully one-third of Americans use their favorite smartphone apps before getting out of bed in a morning.


The report explains that, according to their studies 35% of Americans fire up a none-voice applications before putting foot to floor in the morning. With social networking services such as Facebook and Twitter becoming so mobile-focused that’s perhaps not a statistic we should be surprised by.

One thing worth mentioning out of the report is a graphic highlighting the change in internet usage since smartphones became so readily available for the eager masses to use, whether that be to play, work or just keep in touch.

Back in the old days before iPhones and Androids, browsing the internet was something we did from the comfort of our own home, or if you were really lucky, your desk at work. These days however, we all have the internet in our pockets thanks to ever-more-powerful smartphones. We’re always connected, and we like it.

With the growth of social networks and reliance on email as well as instant messaging to avoid crazy cellular charges for SMS, internet usage on mobile devices has skyrocketed. The proliferation of 3G cell towers as well as the beginning of a move to even faster 4G (well, 4G-ish) networks has enabled our phones to get faster and faster, breaking down barriers that before would have stopped us from getting real things done without being tethered to a broadband connection.

Our world is changing, and it’s more mobile than it’s ever been.

Bring on 5G!

(via Gizmodo)

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