Nokia Takes A Swipe At iPhone 5’s Camera In New Lumia 925 TV Ad [VIDEO]

Nokia may still be struggling to sell its Lumia branded devices when compared with the huge numbers of iPhones Apple manages to shift, but that hasn’t stopped the Finnish company from having a pop at its Cupertino rival in an advert for its newly-released Lumia 925. The ad focuses on, as you’d imagine, the Lumia’s superiority in the camera department, and while the iPhone 5’s snapper holds its own against most of the smartphone arena’s most popular handsets, the Lumia 925 was always going to win this one.

The fact is, Nokia seems to focus on little else nowadays, and while the Lumia 1020’s 41-megapixel camera sounds massively impressive and, indeed, is; the Windows Phone 8 platform it is based upon is struggling to churn out the number and variation of apps required to get consumers really interested.


The Lumia 925’s camera may not be in the same league as that of the 1020, but there’s no doubting that, particularly in low light, it does a pretty good job. This is a point Nokia has tried to elaborate on with its latest ad, and unsurprisingly, has picked on Apple’s iPhone as a relatively easy target.

The ad starts with the quote that "every day, more photos are taken on the iPhone than any other phone. But at Nokia, we prefer to build for quality, not just quantity." It then goes on to offer comparisons of photos shot in various different conditions, taking the time to explore some of the Lumia’s many diverse modes and features designed specifically for wannabe photographers.

lumia 925 iPhone 5 ad

Although we’ve seen competing tech giants really take a pop at each other on these kinds of promotional platforms, this one seems a little less an attack, and more of simply making the point. The iPhone may not have the best camera on the market, but, as Nokia is realizing, the battle for the attention of consumers is not based solely on one category, and since the iOS ecosystem is popular and thriving right now, one would think any prospective Lumia buyer will need more than a better lens to go ahead and buy into the Windows Phone 8 ecosystem.

With the next-gen iPhone expected to pack in a vastly improved camera, one doubts many in Cupertino are worried about this ad right now, particularly given that despite considerably improving its product line-up over the last year, Nokia hasn’t really managed to take much of a bite out of the vast, Android-iOS dominated market.

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