Next Xbox Model To Run on Windows 8, Says Report

Microsoft has had a pretty successful year selling their popular Xbox 360. In the US, for example, the Xbox system has been the top selling video game console for all of 2011. Adding the Kinect device last year only boosted sells; the device went on to break a Guinness World Record, winning the title for the fastest selling consumer electronic device. Wii Who?

xbox logo

For these reasons, it’s odd to think Microsoft would introduce their next generation console when their current one is still so popular.  A new report now suggests a different idea: the new Xbox won’t be a successor but a new upgraded model.

According to the report by Industry Gamers, an analyst claims the new Xbox model will run on Windows 8, despite another rumor claimed the next Xbox to run on Windows 9. This isn’t such a big leap since Microsoft announced they would include Xbox Live in copies of Windows 8. This would allow Xbox console players to play against/with Windows 8 users. Xbox LIVE has a quite popular online multiplayer platform.

So if this is just an updated version of the current Xbox, when will the next generation console be available? The analyst predicts a 2014 release date.

A new update to the current Xbox Dashboard is set to be released soon offering more features such as YouTube and Bing searches. A more advanced Kinect compatibility is also expected, giving you many more voice activated control options to the new Metro style Xbox Dashboard. Updates happen frequently and keep the Xbox experience fresh.

The Xbox 360 is currently being sold at a loss, with Microsoft hoping to turn a profit with in game add-ons, Xbox Live memberships and media purchases. The console has been around for six years now and has no indication of slowing down.

New games are also boosting sales. The last few weeks alone brought much anticipated titles such as Battlefield 3, Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, Skyrim and Modern Warfare 3. I’m still working on the last few achievements of Batman: Arkham City.

So to sum it all up, don’t worry about investing too much on the current console. The next generation console, nicknamed Xbox 720, won’t likely surface until 2014; an updated model of the Xbox may be offered at the end of 2012. That is, unless sales slow down. Glad we cleared all that up.

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