Next Two iPhones To Carry Steve Jobs’ Design Aesthetics, Says Apple Representative

There was some debate as to whether it was the iPhone 4S, or indeed the iPhone 5 that should be considered in Apple folklore as Steve Jobs’ “last project” before his untimely passing back in October 2011. Just as we thought the next era of Apple would see the company attempt to find its feet without its most influential scholar, Apple’s government liaison has revealed that the next two generations of iPhone have long since been developed, and that in actual fact, both were designed before Steve Jobs succumbed to his illness.

The news will certainly leave egg on the face of many individuals who’ve lined up to criticize Jobs’ successor, Tim Cook. Granted, the vast majority have backed the Cupertino company’s CEO, and shareholders also recently offered him an overwhelming vote of confidence. However, there have been a few snipes of “Steve wouldn’t have let this happen” from numerous outlets, but this recent development suggests that, at least in terms of the iPhone, Apple’s current designs and methods are very much in the Jobs train of thought.

San Francisco’s District Attorney George Gascón has been meeting up with mobile carriers and vendors in an attempt to reduce the number of smartphone thefts within the community, and at some point, the topic of conversation turned to Apple’s revered smartphone series. Having conversed with Apple’s government liaison Michael Foulkes, he found the fruit company’s rep to be “like somebody who’s been trained in the art of doing a lot of talking and saying nothing,” and found the entire meeting somewhat “underwhelming.”

What Foulkes did reveal of note, however, was that Apple has been working on the idea of a “kill switch” system to help combat theft. While this may have had Gascón a little more enthused, Foulkes also revealed that the next two generations of iPhone had “already been developed.” The next two upcoming iPhones “preceded Tim Cook,” according to the report, but whether Jobs – aware of his fate – wished to leave a lasting footprint on future designs, or indeed whether Apple is just in the habit of designing four generations in advance, is undetermined.

iPhone 5

Cook’s somewhat emollient personality contrasts significantly with that of the late, great Apple co-founder’s, and it may well be his less-confrontational mannerisms which have seen him bear the brunt of critique. But as Cook continues to do a good job at the helm of Apple, it is good to see that Jobs’ legacy is still very much alive and well, and with this news, iPhone fans will be even more excited about the next iPhone, expected later this year.

(via AppleInsider)

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