New Gestures Found and Camera Features Removed in Newest iPad SDK

9to5Mac is reporting that a couple of new gestures have been uncovered in the the iPhone SDK 3.2 Beta 4. There seems to be a triple tap gesture and a long press gesture revealed. In the gestures folder, a couple of new plist files have been discovered: "3Tap.plist" and "LongPress.plist".

With the larger real estate of the iPad screen, there would have to be more gestures to do everything. Presumably, the Long Press could bring up the pop-overs. The Triple Tap could be used to save steps, where the Double Tap brings up a menu to select something else. Just speculating here. Although, I thought we already had a long press, where you can press and hold an image to bring up the "Save Image" menu, or is that part of the copy/paste feature? So many questions, still!

Another thing revealed in the newest SDK, is that all the camera features that were discovered in the previous version of the SDK, have been removed. This pretty much confirms that the iPad may have had a camera at some point during the creation of the iPad, but was pulled late in the design. We may never know the reason for this, but maybe we’ll get the camera on the next iPad.

Here’s a screen shot from the last SDK, showing "Accept" and "Decline" video…

… and the latest SDK, they are gone:

With all this info coming out in the SDK, we still do not know the full features of Apple’s latest "magical" device. Just a little over 3 weeks until we get some real world experience with this device, then all this speculation can be over! 😉 [via 9to5Mac]

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