Microsoft And Baidu To Partner A Big Search Deal In China To Take On Google [REPORT]

Looks like Microsoft is on a roll these days, after acquiring Skype for a whooping $8.5 Billion, reports in Chinese press now suggests that Microsoft is on the verge of announcing a deal with Chinese search giant Baidu.

Bing is currently an also-ran in Chinese search and any potential deal with Baidu could help Microsoft’s relatively new search business take off in the country.

Reports in China suggest Baidu could be about to take over the paid ads on Bing’s Chinese site while Microsoft would offer English language results for Baidu in return.

According to sources, Baidu will be Microsoft’s strategic agreement signed this weekend, both sides will cooperate in the search field to reach, but still unaware of the specific details of cooperation. Insiders speculate that Microsoft will be in the (bing) provided to use Baidu’s bid ranking service.

Reports also suggest a deal could be announced as early as next week.

Bing isn’t the only US-based search company having problems in China, with Google also struggling to make a dent in Baidu’s huge user base. Microsoft’s partnership with the big boys of Chinese search could see Google pushed even further down the pecking order.

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