Medical Accessories For iPhone: ECG Monitor And Blood Pressure Analyzer [VIDEO]

iPads, iPhones and iPod touches have been used for a lot of things, but did you know they can be great medical tools as well? Today we’re showcasing two great medical tools that can make the life of many easier: one monitors one’s heart rate, the other measures blood pressure.

iPhone ECG Monitor

The first product we’re showcasing here is a small accessory that allows users to take an electrocardiogram on the fly. The iPhone ECG, as it’s called, is as simple as it’s fairly elaborate: after installing an app and attaching the accessory to the back of the device, users can simply place it up against their chests to visualize a live electrocardiogram, straight from the iPhones or iPod touches. The data will remain securely stored and can be sent to any doctor around the world, if the patient chooses.

After checking your heart, the next obvious step would be blood pressure, right? The Smart Blood Pressure Monitor is exactly what you’d expect: a blood pressure monitor for your iOS device. Compatible with iPads, iPod touches and iPhones, this blood pressure monitor works exactly like you’d think: connect it to your device and launch a specific App. This monitor will keep track of all your results and give you specific advice. As France-based Withings, the company behind this product said in a press release:

Blood Pressure Monitor

The Withings BPM is truly a plug-and-play solution  for blood pressure measurement and tracking.  Users simply wrap the blood pressure cuff around their arm and plug it directly into their iPad, iPhone or iPod touch using the incorporated cable.  Once connected, the Withings App launches instantly on the iOS device and is ready to begin the measurement. When the reading is complete, the full results (Systole, Diastole and heart rate) are saved directly on the device, eliminating manual tracking.

Who knew that a a smartphone would ever be able to work as someone’s primary health companion? An innovation like this will allow people to get ECR’s from the comfort of their home or office instead of having to schedule an appointment. As hospitals become more and more crowded, solutions like these can really be the solution to improve quality of care, which at the same time making it more accessible.

The ECR Monitor is under development and awaiting Government approval, the blood pressure monitor is available right now.

(via Engadget, Gizmodo)

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