Mark Zuckerberg Stars In Facebook Home Ad For AT&T [VIDEO]

When any company launches a new product, an ad campaign is just part of the process, so it should come as no surprise to see Facebook showcasing its new Facebook Home APK for Android launcher in an ad for exclusive carrier partner AT&T. What is rather surprising, however, is that the star of the “Launch Day” ad is none other than the social network’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who, in excitedly attempting to gee his employees up for the big launch, finds the workforce unresponsive, instead completely immersed in the experiences offered by Home. Check out the ad itself after the break.

From the moment Zuck steps into the office, it’s pretty clear he’s being ignored, and as the camera begins to pan around the room, the preoccupation of just about everybody is clear to see. After a short while, attentions turn to one employee by the name of Joey, who is clearly way too busy enjoying Facebook Home on his HTC First to listen to what Zuck has to say. As the CEO’s giddily excited voice fades into the background, activities of Joey’s Facebook friends are played out in real-time, as if to demonstrate how connected users will become with those they care about most.

Facebook Home Ad Zuckerberg

As you would expect, Joey then proceeds to meander through some of the various features of Home including Chat Heads, which is of course now available within the Facebook Messenger app for those running devices not yet supporting Home.

Reception to Home so far has been fairly mixed, with many more users taking to the Google Play Store to voice their displeasure than to offer any kind of praise. A 2.5 / 5 score suggests there is still a considerable way to go before Home lives up to the visions Zuck and Facebook have for it, but compared with some of the company’s previous inaugural releases, it’s certainly not a disaster.


As well as featuring the Facebook CEO, Launch Day also offers an insight into the company’s Menlo Park headquarters in California, and although the ad itself is obviously choreographed, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if the hooded jumper-wearing CEO regularly held conferences in such an impromptu, informal manner.

It’s good to see that the once chronically-awkward Mark Zuckerberg has finally managed to loosen up and apparently enjoy making public appearances, and although he’s not yet in the Steve Jobs caliber of orator, he seems a lot more comfortable addressing the masses.

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