Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10A432 is Gold Master

Apple enthusiast site Mac4Ever (found via Mac Rumors) is reporting that OS X Snow Leopard has gone GM (Gold Master). According to them, they have received some authentic information from well informed sources that Snow Leopard 10A432 is indeed the final version which will be in stores come September.

Mac OS X Snow Leopard logo

Mac OS X Snow Leopard DVD

Several knowledgeable sources (Do not mess with it) believe that Snow Leopard (10A432) have finally reached the stage of Golden Master. Clearly, unless a blocking problem is the version currently distributed internally to serve as a basis for pressing DVD. Promised for the fall, the cat appears therefore in time! Information to deal with the key 12 to use, it is still possible qu’iPapy expresses its disagreement with the screen of the login page, the last Currently …

OS X Snow Leopard v10.6 is the next client version of Mac OS X for Macs. It will be available in stores at a retail price of just $29 for current OS X Leopard v10.5 users in September of this year.