Leaked iPhone 6 Case Maker’s Renders Show 33% Thinner Design

When a company as secretive as Apple has some significant new products in the pipeline, it’s only natural that we tech enthusiasts should get a little carried away, and in our insatiable pursuit of the iPhone 6, we appear to have a leak that – in a turn up for the books – doesn’t appear to have been faked. New renders, which may well have been intended for case makers, show detailed clues of the handset’s curved form factor, as well as revealing that the forthcoming Apple smartphone could be just 6mm thick, 33% thinner than the design of iPhone 5s.

It does appear very similar to several other leaks we’ve seen during the past couple of weeks, and having seen the iPad Air’s new design yield great acclaim, it’s looking increasingly likely that the next-gen iPhone will offer a finish remnant of its tablet cousin.

iPhone 6 round up

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past few weeks, you’ll probably be aware of the perception that Apple will be offering at least one new iPhone later on this year, and, if production issues are sorted out, a further, even larger handset in late 2014 / early 2015. The former, packing a 4.7-inch display, seems to be the main focus of the blogosphere’s attention right now, and given that said handset is touted for a September release as the iPhone 5s enjoyed last year, the gearing up for its production appears to have prompted this spate of leaks.

UkranianiPhone.com, which has a reasonable track record when it comes to legitimate Apple leaks, has posted the renderings, which, as well as suggesting the device will be a mere 6mm thick, also showcases that rounded form factor that we’ve seen ad nauseam during the course of the past month.






The iPhone 6 is expected to pack a 4.7-inch, edge-to-edge display, Touch ID fingerprint sensor, and a repositioned power button, which is also alluded to in this particular leak. Running on iOS 8, which itself will include a myriad of new apps and general enhancements, the interior hardware will surely get a customary bump, with an improved A8 processor and more RAM seemingly certain acquisitions for a handset due a growth spurt.


(Source: UkrainianiPhone)

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