Kickass Torrents ( Brought Back Online By Ex-Staff

If reports are to be believed, Kickass Torrents ( has been brought back online by its ex-staff members.

It may seem like an eternity ago to those devoted individuals who have had to go without access to their favourite torrent site, but actually it was only approximately six months ago, back in July, when Kickass Torrents abruptly closed its doors and stopped accepting traffic. Now, when all hoped seem lost, and all doors appeared to be well and truly closed, a group of ex-Kickass Torrents staff members have resurrected the experience in the form of a new website, offering the exact same experience, which is now up and running.


The new site is not only back up and running with the exact same design as the Kickass Torrents that was so abruptly removed from the Internet, but also involves a totally fresh and clean user database that essentially allows the platform to start from scratch while inheriting its look, feel and reputation from the original and highly popular experience.

The latest incarnation is also benefitting from the fact that a number of the old site’s best and most frequent uploaders are back supporting the new venture.

As you might expect, when a website with the level of popularity of Kickass Torrents is taken offline without much notice, there is inevitably going to be a number of copycat and clone websites popping up in its absence. That definitely did happen, albeit with a number of the mirrors and clones seeming to disappear as quickly as they actually appeared.

The Kickass Torrents legacy was also blighted by the number of unofficial and malicious clones popping up that were simply trying to scam users into providing credit card or sensitive financial information. The team is promising that users won’t need to worry about that with this new site.

For those that are interested in seeing what the reincarnation of Kickass Torrents offers, make sure to head over and visit the site, but be patient as the surge in traffic could potentially be causing load issues and delays.

(source: TorrentFreak)

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