Best MFi-Certified Lightning Cables For iPhone XS And iPhone XS Max [List]

Looking to buy a iPhone XS / iPhone XS Max MFi Lightning cable? Here are the best options available under one roof. They’re all MFi-Certified, meaning they have a stamp of approval from Apple itself.

Obviously, when that iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max arrives on your doorstep, the white Lightning cable that ships with your phone is not going to be enough. You’ll need one for your car, your bedside table, your coffee table, your kitchen etc. The point is: you are going to need a Lightning cable and the one Apple sells is a little overpriced and frays easily. Today’s list has the best Lightning cable options under one roof, and we’ll kick things off with our favorite brand – Anker.

Anker PowerLine+ Lightning Cable [2-Pack]

This is hands-down the best Lightning cable on planet Earth. It’s built to last and is made from materials that can survive some vigorous tugs. But the cool thing about it is this: it coms in a 2-pack for just $19.99. If you are going for the 6-feet version then you have to shell out ten bucks extra.

Buy: Anker PowerLine+ Lightning Cable [2-Pack] from Amazon: $19.99

Anker PowerLine+ II Lightning Cable [1-feet]

If you ever needed a cable to accompany your portable charging setup then this is the option you should go for. Since it lives in the PowerLine+ II lineup of cables from Anker therefore you can expect some serious rigidness and durability on the go.

Buy: Anker PowerLine+ II Lightning Cable [1-feet] from Amazon: $13.99

Anker PowerLine Lightning Cable [3-Pack]

You can never have enough Lightning cables lying around. So if you don’t want to drop a ton of cash and want good cables in one fell swoop then this 3-pack from Anker is the way to go. It features three cables in total with varying sizes, ranging from 3-feet all the way to 10-feet.

Buy: Anker PowerLine Lightning Cable [3-Pack] from Amazon: $26.99

Choetech 3-in-1 Lightning Cable

When I say that this is the Swiss Army Knife of cables, I mean it. It has Lightning, micro USB as well as USB Type-C in one cable. If that doesn’t convince you, then the price will – just $18.99.

Buy: Choetech 3-in-1 Lightning Cable from Amazon: $18.99

Aukey Nylon-Braided Lightning Cable [2-Pack]

Aukey is a reputable brand that really knows how to forge some great mobile accessories and MFi-Certified Lightning cables is something this company knows how to do very well. This option from Aukey comes in a 2-pack and is nylon-braided, and it’s pretty much as simple as it gets. And oh, it’s pretty durable too.

Buy: Aukey Nylon-Braided Lightning Cable [2-Pack] from Amazon: $14.99

Aukey Nylon-Braided 90-Degree Lightning Cable [2-Pack]

Having a 90-degree connector can be a blessing in places like a car or even when you have your phone charging inside a bag. This ensures that the connector does not stress the port of the phone. So if you ever wanted something unique, then this option from Aukey is pretty straightforward.

Buy: Aukey Nylon-Braided 90-Degree Lightning Cable [2-Pack] from Amazon: $14.99

TNSO Lightning Cable [5-Pack]

For just $13.99, you get five Lightning cables with different lengths. I mean, this is a dream come true for the lazy ones among us. Just buy it once and spread it out everywhere, including your car.

Buy: TNSO Lightning Cable [5-Pack] from Amazon: $13.99

AmazonBasics Lightning Cable

If you don’t care about features and just want an MFi-Certified cable that just works, then pick this one up from Amazon. Nothing comes close when it comes to simplicity.

Buy: AmazonBasics Lightning Cable from Amazon: $9.99

Belkin MIXIT Lightning Cable

So, there you are, all set to make a statement in front of everyone with your iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. But what’s missing from your arsenal of accessories? A cable that screams ‘quality.’ The MIXIT is that missing piece of the puzzle. But remember, this is not cheap by any means.

Buy: Belkin MIXIT Lightning Cable from Amazon: $27.95

Mophie Switch-Tip PRO Lightning Cable

It is a 2-in-1 Lightning cable. How? Because it doubles up as a micro USB cable as well as Lightning. If you are willing to ditch one cable from your life and make things easier then buy this right away. But, keep one thing in mind: this thing’s not cheap, but is made from some of the finest materials available.

Buy: Mophie Switch-Tip PRO Lightning Cable from Amazon: $29.95

Apple USB-C to Lightning Cable

This cable comes straight from Apple itself and has a USB-C connector on one end. This is the cable to have if you are going to fast charge your iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max at full speed using a USB PD power bank, wall or car charger.

Buy: Apple USB-C to Lightning Cable from Amazon: $15.48

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