iPhone MMS Update: Picture Messaging on iPhone 3.1 via AT&T is Go

The wait is finally over! MMS feature has finally landed officially for AT&T iPhone users – a feature which almost every other phone has had it for years.

iPhone 3.1 MMSMMS for iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS comes in the form of a small (a few kilobytes) carrier update (.ipcc) file which makes the update painless as you don’t have to download a whole new firmware update just to gain this functionality. The carrier update will popup as soon as you connect your iPhone to iTunes. Upgrading to iPhone firmware 3.1 is a must to get MMS functionality.

Installation Instructions:

  • Start iTunes and hit “Update”, you will be prompted to update your carrier file.
  • Restart your iPhone after carrier file has been installed.
  • Now go to settings, then scroll down to Messages and turn on MMS!

Those of you who followed my guide/tutorial here to get MMS early can safely update to the official carrier update (.ipcc) file through iTunes.

Note for Jailbreakers:

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