iPhone 7 To Get Improved Battery Life And WiFi Via Increased EMI Shielding

The release of a new iPhone later this year would probably be expected to include improved battery life and better WiFi reception, but if a new report is anything to go by, this year’s iPhone 7 may have some tangible improvements in both of those fields thanks to a specific change in the manufacturing of the devices when compared to current iPhone models.

According to ETNews, Apple will add EMI shielding to all of the iPhone’s major chips, whereas it currently only covers the iPhone’s PCB and connector with such shielding.


For those not clued up on their acronyms, EMI stands for Electromagnetic Interference, and shielding against that can have some big benefits. The main and most obvious is health, with the more shielding there is inside of a smartphone, the less chance we have of being slowly cooked as we talk on them. That alone is worth the extra shielding in our opinions, but then again, we don’t have to pay for it!

The reason EMI shielding may improve battery life and WiFi capabilities is that improved shielding across all of the iPhone 7’s major chips could theoretically mean that less interference will be encountered, which in turn would mean less power would be needed in order to boost signals. That would obviously benefit battery life, while WiFi reception would also be improved thanks to less interference.

It’s unknown whether the additional shielding will make for an appreciable difference in the cost that will be incurred when making each and every iPhone, but we don’t envisage it being astronomical at this point. Will the benefits outweigh the cost anyway?

We’ll be able to answer that in September when the iPhone 7 is expected to be announced, most likely with a revamped design and in two sizes, if Apple continues to follow its past annual upgrade trends.


(Source: ETNews [Google Translate])

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