iPhone 6 With Larger Display Launching In June 2014, According To Analyst

It seems that a day can’t go by right now without there being some sort of story that revolves around Apple’s decision to either build a larger iPhone, or its decision against it. It appears that every analyst on the planet has an opinion on the subject when, in all honesty, they’re quite probably just guessing as much as everyone else. That doesn’t stop them proclaiming their guesses as fact, though.

Today is no different to all the other days, with Jefferies analyst Peter Misek being the man on the spot this time around. According to a note sent out to investors, Misek is claiming that Apple has finally relented by agreeing to build an iPhone 6 with an all new, larger display. The man with the crystal ball says that mystery device will ship next year.

Of course, Apple CEO Tim Cook has said very recently that Apple will only launch a device with an inflated display when it would no longer be a case of accepting trade offs in the pursuit of that larger screen. Larger Android phones for example can tend to not be quite as sharp as, say, the iPhone 5’s smaller display. Cook clearly believes it should be a case of quality over quantity, but that hasn’t stopped Jafferies’ Peter Misek from claiming that Cook’s company is indeed on the verge of launching something a little on the large side.

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Of course, next year is a long way away in smartphone terms, and just because Cook does not feel the technology is right just yet, does not mean that Apple has not been working on fixing the trade offs that are currently needed in order to make a large smartphone. If Cook is confident that Apple will have the kinks ironed out in time for iPhone 6, his recent comments would make perfect sense.

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Apple has been known to offer a spot of misdirection in the past, especially during the Steve Jobs days of the iPod. Jobs famously said that nobody wanted to watch video on a small device, only to launch an iPod that supported video soon after. Cook may be dashing hopes of a larger iPhone today, only to launch just that tomorrow.

Or Misek is just wrong. That’s possible, too.

(Source: FinancialPost)

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