iPhone 6 Plus Accounts For 60% Of Total iPhone 6 Shipments

Apple’s iPhone 6, which first hit the scene two weeks ago, managed to shift ten million units in its first three days alone, and at the time, the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 accounted for the lion’s share of sales. This may, at least in part, have been due to the fact that the iPhone 6 Plus wasn’t as readily available, and whether down to the reported production delays or an underestimation of the larger model’s popularity, the Plus’s shipping times quickly pushed back to 3-4 weeks. Now, it looks like the admiration of Apple’s phablet is beginning to show, with a new report suggesting that the 5.5-inch handset is accounting for three in every five iPhone 6 models being shipped at present.

The report on the matter arrives courtesy of Digitimes, which can be a little hit-and-miss, although given that the iPhone 6 Plus’s initial inventory was very quickly exhausted, it does make a great deal of sense.


The notion that more iPhone 6 Plus models are shipping than the iPhone 6 does not mean that it’s the more popular of the two, but rather that Apple simply hasn’t produced enough of the more sizeable edition to cope with that early demand.

All the way through a year that has been awash with iPhone 6-related rumors, it was suggested that the device eventually launched as the 6 Plus would be subject to delay thanks to issues with the display and battery. But while Apple managed to get everything ready for that September 19th retail date, the iPhone 6 Plus stock count was much lower, and so now, shipments have swung on the favor of the bigger of the two new iPhones in order to compensate.

The reception to the iPhone 6 has been generally positive, and with Samsung now scrambling to release the Galaxy Note 4 after unexpectedly high early sales from Apple, it’ll be interesting to see if, a few months down the line, there has been any significant shift in market share.

At present, those looking to order the iPhone 6 can expect it to arrive in 7-10 working days, while the Plus is still listed as 3-4 weeks, but with Apple clearly making a push to even things out, the company should soon catch up with the considerable demand.

(Source: Digitimes)

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