iPhone 5S And New 5-inch iPhone To Launch In 2013 [Report]

Everyone who takes active interest in the developments within the smartphone and consumer technology industries seem to love a good Apple related rumor. It’s probably a good thing as well, considering speculation regarding the next-generation of any Apple product seems to occur almost immediately after the release of the current model. Now that the 128GB fourth-generation iPad has come to fruition and is off the conjecture radar, attention is being turned back to the iPhone and the potential for Apple to release two new models before the end of the current year.

We all know by now that Apple and iPhone rumors are a regular occurrence at this time of year, with the majority of the hear-say turning out to be exactly that. However, history has also educated us to the fact that more often than not there is never any smoke without fire, meaning that a lot of iPhone related rumors do turn out to have some substance behind them. The latest speculation is coming directly from Chinese sources who appear to be adamant of the existence of a new iPhone 5S and a larger 5-inch model that will be released under the iPhone 6 moniker.


There’s been a lot of talk recently about the possibility of Apple making a iPhone hardware related announcement at this year’s WWDC in June, a move that would see them fall back in line with the traditional iPhone refresh schedule. The latest speculation is suggesting that WWDC attendees could find themselves part of an iPhone 5S announcement that would see Tim Cook and his team introduce a device that is essentially an evolution of the current iPhone 5 model.

Speculation surrounding a new larger model iPhone is still persisting. The purported device has previously been referred to as the ‘iPhone Math’, although that naming convention seems highly unlikely. The device could potentially see the Cupertino based company experimenting with a 6-inch display that would fit somewhere in the middle of the current 4-inch iPhone and the 7.9-inch iPad mini that has proved extremely popular with consumers.


Manufacturers like Samsung have proved that smartphones with larger, vivid displays definitely do have a place in the smartphone industry, but whether or not Apple would ever go down that route remains to be seen.

(via MacRumors)

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