iPhone 4S With A5 Processor Handed Over To Select Game Developers For Testing Ahead Of iPhone 5 Launch

You know iPad 2 is a really powerful device as compared to its predecessor. One thing that largely contributes to it’s speed is the A5 processor, which apart from being dual-core in nature, also provides far better gaming experience. The graphics performance of the A5 processor is said to be as much as 9 times faster than its predecessor.

Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5 is expected to come out with the A5 processor, which means selling it as a gaming product could be a big plus point in terms of marketing on which Apple is already working at.

Apple has manufactured a new prototype device called "iPhone 4S" which is exactly the same device as iPhone 4 but with the improved A5 processor. This device is manufactured for the select developers with a game-dev background to take full advantage of what the chip can offer.

The device looks identical to iPhone 4 and is not a prototype of iPhone 5. Instead, it’s only rolled out to developers so they make better use of A5 in Apple’s upcoming phone.

This news strengthens the base of claims of A5 chip inclusion in the iPhone 5. Furthermore, expect some awesome gaming experience in the upcoming iOS device rumored to release by September.

(via 9to5Mac)

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