Apple Releases New iPhone 3GS Ads: Backpacker and Dog Lover

Going for a vacation somewhere and don’t know anything about the place? or looking for a family pet? the iPhone has you covered. Check out these two new iPhone 3GS ads after the break.

iPhone 3GS Ad

Backpacker: Finding places near you, or making reservations have never been more easier. iPhone will pretty much do anything to guide you from where you should start, and even has an awesome pocket translating app. You can say for sure that life is much easier with the iPhone in our pocket.

Dog Lover: Finding a family pet is now just a tap away, use the Pet Finder app to search for the animal you want, and then find the nearest pet store area in the Maps app where they have that animal. Have you ever thought that finding a pet would be that simple? With the iPhone, it sure is! [via 9to5Mac]

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