iOS 7 Beta 4 Features Fingerprint Sensor Support For Next iPhone

One of the so-called “killer” new features of the upcoming iPhone has frequently been suggested as a fingerprint sensor, which would be somehow integrated into the home button and would offer added security whether shopping or unlocking. Although we did catch wind of a patent suggesting iPhone 5S fingerprint sensor would instead be integrated into the display rather than the home button, the new iOS 7 beta 4 seems to have slipped that the initial notion may instead be true.

Whether the iPhone will significantly benefit from a fingerprint sensor of any description remains to be seen, and although some have naturally doubted Apple’s intentions to implement such a feature, the evidence is certainly stacking up.


In the latest, a string within the new iOS beta notes of “a Photo of a person holding an iPhone with their left hand while touching the home button with their thumb.” There are other fingerprint string notations besides, and although Apple may well just be trying to throw the blogosphere a curveball, the argument in favor of a fingerprint sensor appears to be gathering steam.

Whether or not Apple has plans to bring forth a fingerprint sensor with the next iPhone remains to be seen, but with the company famed for adding something relatively unseen and with most of its new flagship iPhone releases, such a feature could even top Siri in terms of public intrigue.


As I say, we should be cautious about reading too much into this right now, since Apple could simply be mocking the rumor mill by throwing it something to mull over for the time being. If anything, it helps us to quickly forget the controversies of the Dev Center security breach and delays to numerous beta releases, including this one.

That said, those rooting for a fingerprint sensor with the next iPhone should be enthused by the news, and if it is a feature Apple is currently working on, it would appear as though it will be intertwined with the home button as opposed to the display, as was reported earlier this month.

What do you think – would the Apple iPhone benefit from a fingerprint sensor for added security when unlocking or even shopping? Or is this just another gimmick designed to get people talking about the company’s latest and greatest? Do share your thoughts below!

(Source: Hamza Sood [Twitter])

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