iOS 7 Adoption Tops Latest Version Of Android By Huge Margin In 24 Hours Alone

iOS 7 has been out for the best part of 24 hours now, and already, adoption rates have surpassed that of the latest version of Android, and is now on more than 26% of devices out there. Of course, with more Android devices in the world, this isn’t the fairest of comparisons, but with more than one quarter of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices running iOS 7, it’s clear that Apple has the edge when it comes to getting its consumer base on the latest and greatest software.

Android 4.3 Jelly Bean is the very latest version of Google’s mobile OS, but even going by the search giant’s own figures, a measly 0.1% of users are currently running on it. It may have launched in July, but with Android 4.4 KitKat already announced and being promoted, it would seem that today’s version won’t be having a very long nor prosperous stint at the top.

iOS 7 final iphone and ipad mini

Of course, comparing Android and iOS is problematic at the best of times, let alone when it comes to adoption stats of new firmware. Apple’s iOS 7 is available right now to each and every recent device, with only those deemed antiquated or incapable missing out on the new update. But Android is a much more fragmented environment, and with carriers and vendors looking to add their own elements and tweaks to new versions of Android, there are many top-spec handsets out there currently unable to jump on Jelly Bean 4.3.

Still, Apple will be happy that, at least so far, iOS 7 has passed without so much as a hitch. Last time around, iOS 6 caused a great deal of controversy thanks in part to its lackluster Maps app, and with such an initial backlash on iOS 7 at the WWDC announcement, the Cupertino company must have feared the wrath of the masses. But with avid fans already familiar with the new interface and user guides up on the iBookstore for the uninitiated, iOS 7 looks to have been one of the smoothest updates in recent memory.

iOS 7 adoption rate

Android and iOS both have strengths and weaknesses, but the inability to get updates out there in a quick and efficient manner is a real caveat of the former. Unless one purchases a Nexus smartphone or tablet, waiting for an update can be very tedious indeed, and the mere fact that iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners can readily grab the OTA as and when will only make the wait feel more agonizing.

(Source: Mixpanel)

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