This App Puts Your Facebook Life In A Stunning Virtual Museum

When you heard about Intel, you probably think of chips or transistors, definitely nothing close to entertaining. Weirdly enough, the folks at Intel have created an elaborate custom slideshow that pulls data from your Facebook profile.


The slideshow, entitled "Museum of Me", showcases your Facebook friends, photos, videos, places you’ve checked into and even your most commonly used words and displays them in a museum-like layout. Maybe you don’t have a museum named after you yet, but this is the closest you’ll likely ever get to having one.

After logging in with Facebook  connect, "Museum of Me" will take a few minutes to pull out all the information from your Facebook account. It will literally download pictures from your profile and get the names and display pictures of your friends. Once is done collecting all the data, the slideshow will begin.

The slideshow’s layout itself is pretty smart and is organized into different rooms. The first room is simple and displays your name, along with some of your friends and pictures printed on a white wall.

The next room is completely dark and displays a world map with the places you’ve checked into, using Facebook’s new location feature. The camera then zooms closer to the a wall of words, showcasing the words you’ve used to most on your posts.

The third room features a huge rendering of Facebook’s like icon (the thumb) at the center, and displays all the media you "liked". At least for me, it displayed fairly old videos which I didn’t even remember anymore, but I guess that was the whole point.

The fourth and last room, with white walls this time around, features 4 high-tech robots (powered by Intel chips?) assembling a mosaic with pictures of all your friends, which will then morph into a picture of you.

Interactive slideshows are definitely one of a kind, especially when they’re rendered on the spot to feature us and our nearest and dearest friends (or at least those you have on Facebook). Of course this isn’t anymore than a marketing ploy for Intel’s newest generation of Core i5’s, as revealed at the end of the video:

Will users think of their Facebook friends next time they buy a computer? Only time will tell, but meanwhile, be sure to try this out for yourself.

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