Insta360 Nano Is A 360-Degree Video Camera Accessory For iPhone

It can sometimes be difficult to keep up with where current trends are heading in the mobile and consumer technology space. The advent of new technology means that devices have become more and more capable with each generational release, which in turn equates to what seems like endless possibilities.

The latest of which is virtual reality and 360-degree video creation and sharing, which companies like Facebook have jumped on as a way to engage new and existing users. Insta360 has instantly recognized the importance of this trend by introducing an iPhone-compatible camera attachment accessory for the capture of 360-degree video.


Anyone who has scrolled through a Facebook feed in recent weeks will have likely come across the stunning 360-degree video that allows the sensors of a mobile device to be used to pan around the environment.

Companies, events, and product owners are now starting to take advantage of that type of immersive experience to promote their own offerings, but that’s all well and good for companies with a budget that allows the expensive equipment to be purchased to do it, but what about the average consumer who wants to capture their world in 360-degrees right from their smartphone?

That’s where the Insta360 Nano camera comes into its own. The new product from Insta360 is an iPhone-compatible camera accessory that connects directly to a compatible iPhone using the Lightning port on the device. The hardware comes with two 210-degree fish eye lenses that allow it to record videos in 3K resolution at 30 frames-per-second. This immediately gives it a boost over alternative devices of a similar nature which are generally around the 2K standard.


The contraption also stitches the panoramic images together on the go, while connected to the iPhone, so you don’t have to worry about having to process the video on a PC. Of course, the goal here is to have a highly performant camera that produces exceptional 360-degree video experiences, but you really can’t discount the fun nature of what’s on offer with the Nano Cam.


The Insta360 Nano camera is priced at $199 and comes in five colors to match any shade of iPhone: Silver, Gray, Black, Gold, and Pink. It is available for pre-order right now via Amazon, and will start shipping this July 15th.

Buy: Insta360 Nano 360-degree camera accessory for iPhone from Amazon: $199

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