Inside Apple: A Look Behind The Curtain At Steve Jobs And Apple’s Inner Working

Apple is one of the most secretive companies on the planet. They don’t (tend to) leak things, they don’t tell anyone what’s going on behind the scenes. But now Fortune has managed to get behind the curtain at the Cupertino outfit, and the stories coming out are intriguing.

Written by Adam Lashinsky and part of Fortune’s 500th issue and available now on iPad, the article explains some of the strange ways things work at Apple, and how the company has turned itself around from nearly going under to being the model of how to run a profitable company.

Stories covered include the aftermath of the infamous MobileMe launch debacle that ended up with a meeting where Steve Jobs ripped into the team responsible for the hiccup. This was an event we’d heard rumblings of at the time but it obviously was never confirmed by Apple.

Other stories revolve around CEO Steve Jobs and the way he sees the management infrastructure at Apple with a unique, extravagant management structure.

We highly suggest you give the article a read in the 500th issue of Fortune – while many sites are ripping the content from Fortune’s iPad app, we’re better than that at Redmond Pie.

(via Gizmodo, Fortune)

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